Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering


To be a center of excellence in the field of E&TC Engg by providing quality technical education as well as inculcating entrepreneurial skill, self-learning attitude & human values.


1) To create an excellent infrastructure and teaching-learning environment for making the student acquire the knowledge needed.

2) To inculcate self-learning attitude, entrepreneurial skill and human values.

3) To impart knowledge required for recent & advanced Engg.

Program Educational Objective:

1) To apply knowledge of E&TC Engg. and principles of basic science & mathematics for analyzing the circuit of different electronics devices.

2) To compete for employment both in public and private sector.

3) To pursue higher study in E&TC as well as any other related branch for carrier enhancement.

4) To establish own assembly or service section with innovative, entrepreneurial ideas.

5) To work with team spirit and social ethics.